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Structural Correction & Manual Therapy in Northcote

Restore Your Body to Its Proper State

Full body structural correction and manual therapy is a full hands-on session, under the umbrella of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), for people who want to have their whole body checked for misalignments and malfunctions and then corrected. Our highly skilled therapists aim to restore the patient’s body to its normal structure and optimal function.

It’s a similar philosophy to acupuncture, though your therapist will use their hands instead. This therapy is best used for complex cases, where four to five problems must be addressed simultaneously, instead of the acute problems acupuncture can best address.


Massaging leg

What to Expect During Your Appointment

During your manual therapy appointment, one of our skilled therapists at Revolution Chiropractic will perform a diagnostic process, which entails feeling each part of the body and testing the reflexes of every joint.

Looking at those reflex points – or nerve centres – throughout the body, they search for areas of sensitivity and hyperreactivity and then alleviate those problems as they go. It can take about an hour to thoroughly address the body during each appointment.

This innovative approach to manual therapy also works to discover gentle and effective pathways to releasing stuck joints, contracted fascia and stagnant fluids. Manual manipulation is applied to the tissue, muscles, lymphatic system, joints and ligaments during each session to achieve good alignment and balance.

Our Highly Skilled Therapists Are Ready to Help

Our massage therapist Tyrone Penning and our Chiropractor, Dr Sam Baktash, have different areas of focus for patients at Revolution Chiropractic.


During his appointments, Tyrone helps patients with a variety of methods to improve symptoms from:

  • Injury rehabilitation, intervertebral disk pathology, and neuritis
  • Neurological pain & psychosomatic stress
  • Bound fascia around joints and muscle attachments
  • Congested lymphatic and circulatory system

Dr. Sam

Meanwhile, Dr. Sam focuses on:

  • Full body structural correction
  • Acute or chronic injury rehabilitation
  • Intervertebral disk pathology, neuritis
  • Alignment of the spine and peripheral (other) joints
  • Trigger point therapy and full joint and muscle mobilisation

When seeking services, our staff can guide you to the best staff member for your concerns.

A Holistic Approach to Wellness, Just for You

True to our holistic approach to health and wellness, your manual therapy appointments will focus on the mind and body, with movements and methods encompassing a total body approach. We want you to regain mobility and movement, feel great, and enjoy life to its fullest potential once more. Contact us today to discuss your options and get started.


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