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Massage Therapy in Northcote

Patient massageWhether it be purely to Zen out and relax or treat chronic injuries, our massage therapists Tyrone Penning and Latisha Pinnington begin every single massage with an intention.

Our holistic focus is designed to fix and prevent issues at their core rather than massaging you to alleviate the top layer of symptoms.

Styles and Approaches Offered

Our highly skilled massage therapists at Revolution Chiropractic offer traditional massage approaches, including Thai, Japanese Shiatsu and Swedish, and many others! Here’s a look at the types we provide:

Massage Types


  • Reflexology
  • Pregnancy & post natal
  • Oncology
  • Lymphatic
  • Hot Stone
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Advanced myofascial and scar tissue release


  • Therapeutic
  • Deep Tissue
  • Cupping
  • Sports
  • Pre & Post Training for Events & Competitions
  • Relaxation


Deep Tissue

Focusing on the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue, deep tissue massage addresses several issues, including muscle tightness, knots, and persistent pain.

This massage technique aims at the deep tissue layers within the muscles and fascia, assisting in alleviating discomfort and tension, enhancing flexibility, and increasing range of motion.



An athlete’s secret weapon, sports massage helps you maintain peak performance and overcome the hurdles between you and your goals. Sports massage is designed to support injury prevention and chiropractic care while also helping to keep the body in prime condition. Commonly utilised by athletes, it is also advantageous for individuals engaged in any form of physical activity.

Through various techniques tailored to address areas impacted by physical exertion, sports massage aims to enhance flexibility, range of motion, and overall performance. Furthermore, it plays a significant role in minimising injury risks and expediting recovery times.



If you’re seeking relief, healing, and restoration from the nagging aches and debilitating pain the stress of life causes, a therapeutic massage is for you. Our skilled therapists will work with you to create a customised massage plan, targeting your unique pain points and using various techniques to release tight muscles and restore balance to your body.

Our therapists will guide you on a journey to physical and emotional healing through expert manipulation of your soft tissues. The therapeutic touch will alleviate discomfort and provide lasting benefits, including improved circulation, increased mobility, and overall wellness.


Pregnancy / Prenatal Massage

With this type of massage, you can enjoy the perfect opportunity to nurture your wellbeing as you get ready to welcome new life to the world. With gentle, tailored techniques, we’ll help alleviate the common discomforts of pregnancy, such as lower back pain, swollen ankles, and muscle tension.

A prenatal massage is a celebration of the miracle of life, a moment to honor the incredible journey of motherhood and embrace the love that blooms within.


Craniosacral Therapy

This hands-on technique employs soft touches to adjust the craniosacral system’s joints. This system encompasses the skull, spinal cord, and sacrum – the triangular bone situated at the spine’s bottom.

It’s a mild approach that aids in alleviating discomfort and stress, enhancing blood flow, and encouraging relaxation. When applied correctly, craniosacral therapy can be highly beneficial.


Deep Tissue/Trigger Point Therapy

Often referred to as myofascial trigger point massage, trigger point therapy is a deep tissue massage technique designed to alleviate muscular discomfort and tightness.

This method focuses on pressing specific trigger points – small, tight knots within the muscles – to dissolve the tension and restore balance. Although initially uncomfortable, most individuals experience significant relief following several sessions.


Hot Stone Massage

If you want to enhance your wellbeing with simple massage and adjunctive services to relax and restore, our practice also offers a hot stone massage.

A hot stone massage takes you into the luxurious warmth of another world and helps your stress fade away. The carefully heated basalt stones will glide effortlessly over your skin as the penetrating heat soothes your muscles, melting away layers of tension with each stroke.

Unveil a new level of serenity as gentle pressure and heat harmoniously dissolve knots, boost circulation, and unlock the door to pure bliss. A hot stone massage is more than just a rejuvenating experience – it’s an embrace of tranquility that lingers long after you’ve left our sanctuary.

As you drift into a world of serenity, your body will release the accumulated stress and tension, allowing your mind to find clarity and your spirit to soar. A hot stone massage is more than just a rejuvenating experience—it’s an embrace of tranquility that lingers long after you’ve left our sanctuary.


Soothing and Relaxaing

If you want to enhance your wellbeing with simple massage and adjunctive services to relax and restore, our practice also offers a massage for relaxation and rest.

Our soothing and relaxing massage offers clients a serene escape that calms the mind, nourishes the body and restores the spirit. With gentle, flowing strokes and focusing on your unique needs, our skilled therapists will lull you into a blissful tranquility.

As you drift into a world of serenity, your body will release the accumulated stress and tension, allowing your mind to find clarity and your spirit to soar. A soothing and relaxing massage is the ultimate self-care experience, a gift of time and space that invites you to embrace the essence of calm.


Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage massage, also referred to as manual lymphatic drainage, is a gentle technique utilized to alleviate painful swelling in the arms and legs. Unlike traditional massages, lymphatic drainage focuses on superficial and light touch, targeting specific lymphatic areas such as the elbows, armpits, groin, back of the knees, and sensitive areas around the neck. This method aims to flush out excess fluid and promote lymphatic circulation, benefiting individuals experiencing swelling, water retention, and joint pain associated with conditions like chronic immune deficiency, cancer, frequent viral infections, low immunity, and obesity.

If you have been referred to have lymphatic drainage or been recommend it during your consultation then please book.


When should I ask my doctor before receiving a massage?
The following conditions should be checked out with your doctor before getting a massage:

  • Severe back pain, especially if pain is keeping you awake at night.
  • A high fever or the symptoms of a cold or flu.
  • Blood clots
  • Cancer
  • Skin conditions such as burns, cold sores, bruises, open wounds or swollen areas. You should not have a massage in those areas.
  • Pregnancy, especially during the first trimester
  • Osteoporosis
  • High blood pressure
  • Allergies (especially to nuts, as many therapists use sweet almond oil)
  • Varicose veins
  • Lymph node removal

If you have any concerns about ANY existing conditions, you should always check with your healthcare provider to see if massage therapy is an appropriate treatment for you.

Can I combine massage therapy with other treatments?

Massage works well with chiropractic and acupuncture. However, you should inform the massage therapist and any other healthcare professional of the treatment you are undergoing to ensure the treatments complement each other.

The Importance of taking a Client History and Assessment

Client history includes finding out about you and the history of your ailment, aggravating factors (what makes it worse), previous diagnosis and treatment, and effectiveness of any previous treatment. It also builds up information about your general health, since there are a number of conditions which can contribute to muscular problems; a previous whiplash injury, for example, could lead to headaches or dizziness.

Your massage therapist is aware of their limitations, and is required to work within their scope of practice. Taking a client history when you first arrive will allow them to talk through all your needs to establish if it would be in your best interest to be referred to another health professional, or whether having complementary treatment (e.g. using acupuncture, chiropractic) is going to be beneficial to you. Taking the time to sit down to discuss what is causing you discomfort gives you time to become comfortable with the therapist, especially if you are new to massage therapy; it is the first step in building a rapport and trust between you both.

What can I do if I feel that the massage is too painful?

Some forms of massage can leave you feeling a bit sore the next day. But massage shouldn’t ordinarily be painful or uncomfortable. If any part of your massage doesn’t feel right or is painful, speak up right away. Most serious problems come from too much pressure during massage.

Massage is all about making you more comfortable and reducing pain, if you find your massage sessions are increasing your discomfort over the long term then please let your massage therapist know immediately.

Will I be covered during the massage?
All massage therapists are trained to drape/cover their clients so that only the part of the body they are working on will be exposed. If this does not happen, you should ask to be covered or ask your therapist why you are not covered. If you are not satisfied with the answer you can terminate the appointment. More information can be found in the section Visiting a massage therapist for the first time.

Do I have to take my clothes off?

Massage is a healthcare practice that needs clothes to be removed as it involves using oil, massage waxes and lotions. It is a ‘whole body’ treatment which requires direct contact between the therapist and client. It is usual for the therapist to leave the room while you undress and get on the table. It is not always necessary to remove all clothing; this depends on what your massage needs are at the time of treatment. Even with a full body massage you can leave your lower undergarments on. . More information can be found in the section ‘Visiting a massage therapist for the first time’.

Book a Session for Improved Wellbeing

Whether you have pain and discomfort, you’re looking to better your game as an athlete, you’re a mum-to-be, or you simply want to check out mentally for an hour, massage is a great fit for people from all walks of life at affordable prices. Contact us today to schedule a visit.


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