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Whole Foods

This era has unlimited food on the supermarket shelves. We’ve got plenty of meats, vegetables, grains, oats, dairy products etc. However, not everything on the shelves is safe to eat in the long run. But there will always be one part of the supermarket that’s always going to be reliable and delicious; that’s whole foods.

 So what are whole foods? Whole foods are a group of foods that has not been processed or went through minimum processing before being put on the shelves. Previously fresh meat and oils were also considered in the category. However, now that some meat contains antibiotics and hormones we know that even some oils are heavily processed before being distributed. So nowadays, whole foods are mostly fruits and vegetables that have not been processed or refined. Oats, legumes, and beans are some of them.

Why are whole foods recommended so much?

Firstly, they are not processed. This means, there are no additives in there. This means that everything is natural. The human body is made for digesting natural foods. These additives and extra processing, cause gut inflammation. Since out gut is inflamed, it’ll slow down any other healing process and make it look like there is a belly. Secondly, it decreases the chance of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and other health problems.

This comes back to it being unprocessed again. When processing food plenty of chemicals, MSGs, fats, and oils are added to a product. This chemical mixture is like a time bomb that is going to explode in your body. A build-up of these may cause unhealthy reactions in your body leading to cancers. Finally, they overflow with healthy nutrients. These foods were designed for the human race to keep us going! They are filled with everything we need. Don’t get me wrong, supplements are extremely useful when used correctly. But most of our daily nutrition is already in whole foods!

So next time you pick up something from the supermarket, think bigger picture than is it yum? Whole food can be just as tasty if prepped right! So make sure you read the label carefully and choose what’s best for your body!