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What is Backache?

What is Backache? It is becoming a very common issue in this world. Whether it is a stiff back in the morning, constant distress or an odd twinge once in a while. These issues may arise due to the daily activities one can involve in. These could be repetitive movement, heavy lifting, prolonged standing or sitting at work.

There are many workshops, organizations and screenings for the awareness and management of conditions like diabetes, heart conditions, cancer or AIDS. However, there are no such steps taken when it comes to backache even though backache is the second most common reason for absenteeism. In this blog, I will go over why does the back ache occur, and you will be able to decide if you are immune to backache.

When we ask people for the reasons of having a back issue, the most common responses we undergo are, ‘lifted something inappropriately’, ‘my work involves prolonged sitting or standing’, ‘I am getting old’ and many more. Not many people say that ‘my back ache is due to the weak muscles in my back and they are not supporting my spine as well as it should’. We do not expect people to come up with this answer due to the less education in terms of how back functions and benefits of proper posture.

Our spine is supported by a large group of muscles that work together to provide stability in the spine and allow the trunk of the body to be flexible. These muscles can get affected by a sudden trauma or repetitive stresses building up on one’s spine. These stresses are very common in day-to-day life and any one can name at least ten activities that involve their back-muscle strength while doing their daily activities such as lifting kids, sitting in upright posture, standing while cooking and many more.

However, Inadequate movement of these muscles may lead to the reduction of the strength and tone. When the muscles are not strengthened, they are unable to support the spine well, it may lead to joint dysfunction in the spine which results in weakening the smaller muscles attached to the spine.

Joint dysfunction in the spine could cause irritation to the nerve or facet, disc degeneration, disc herniation and instability in the spine. Chiropractors focus on locating the areas of joint dysfunction in the spine and adjusting those areas. The adjustments help to re-strengthen those weak muscles in the spine which will eventually lead to stability in the spine. When the spine is stable, muscles will be working at more ease and support the spine better.

Strengthen muscles come up with many benefits. It increases the muscle mass which naturally decreases with age however strengthening muscles will help to reverse the trend. Balanced and strengthen muscles will also help to improve the joint flexibility, reducing falls and injuries in any generation. Stronger bones due to increase in bone density will also reduce the risk of fractures. The list will go on for the benefits of strengthened back muscles.

There are many natural ways to relieve the back ache. These may include regular massages which promote blood circulations, ease stress and relax muscle. Yoga which involves deep breathing, stretching or laughter exercises. Taking a hot bath or using heat packs. Regular stretching and exercises to strengthen the large muscle group in the back. Chiropractic care also benefits back ache. The objective of Chiropractic is to locate and correct the misalignment on the spine. These misalignments can occur due to any type of physical stress building up on the spine. Seeking a chiropractic care will help to align the spine by working on the misalignments and strengthening the smaller muscles of the spine.  Chiropractors focus on the root cause of the issue which will ultimately result in strengthened spine.

If your back muscles are strengthened and the spine is aligned, you’re most likely to be living a back-ache free life, however, if you are experiencing discomfort or weaker muscle/spine, there is always another door waiting for you to get started on the journey to be immune for backache.

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