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What is vertigo?

Vertigo makes you feel like you are falling or spinning. It can also make you feel like your surroundings are moving, even though you are sitting or standing still. This can make it hard to stand still or walk, and may cause you to lose your balance. People with vertigo often also experience nausea, vomiting, ringing in their ears, ear pain, or decreased hearing ability. There are different types of vertigo which all have different causes.

The most common cause of vertigo is an issue with the balance organ located inside the inner ear. This could be an issue with the balance organ itself . For instance, due to a loose object moving inside the balance organ, a buildup of fluid, or an infection. Another could be an issue with the nerve that connects to this balance organ. Another type of vertigo, cervical vertigo, is caused by poor neck posture and improperly moving joints. This is happens in the neck resulting in incorrect information about body position and movement being sent to the brain, which then causes vertigo to occur. 

How can chiropractic care help?

There are a few different ways that chiropractic can help with vertigo. The first way is if the vertigo is being caused by an issue with the nerve that connects to the balance organ. All our nerves come from our spinal cord, which is protected by our spine. If there are areas of our spine which are moving improperly, this can place pressure on some of the nerves. Therefore, it causes them to not be able to function correctly. By adjusting the spine and returning the proper motion to the spinal joints, this relieves any pressure that may be placed on the nerves. This could be happening to the nerve that connects to the balance organ, and may be the reason for your vertigo. By removing the interference with this nerve, it is able to heal, and the vertigo symptoms will start to subside.

Proper nerve flow also has an effect on our immune system. By making sure our nerves aren’t experiencing any interference from the spine. This allows our immune system to function at its best, and will allow you to heal from an ear infection, if this is what is causing your vertigo.

Chiropractic is especially good for helping with cervical vertigo. Improper motion results from vertebra in your neck affecting your nerves. Because of this, incorrect information about body position and movement are sent to the brain. This misinformation can make it feel like either you or the room around you are spinning. Chiropractors are able to adjust these vertebra, to ensure the correct information is being sent up to your brain to interpret. Chiropractors are also able to give you exercises to help with your care, and more quickly reduce the effects of vertigo.