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The positive effects of Chiropractic on a child's behaviour

As parents, we obviously want the best for our kids in every aspect of their life. Children need all their basic needs met such as food, sleep, exercise and social skills. If these aren’t met, they can suffer in terms of behaviour and development. Children who don’t get enough sleep at night or aren’t eating a healthy diet are more likely to have development issues, ADHD or behaviour problems. Even if you are providing the best foundation for your child, there may be an underlying issue that is negatively contributing to their behavioural problems.

Chiropractic Care for a Child

Many adults see the value of chiropractic care for health and wellbeing but do not see how it can do the same for children. Children can benefit greatly from chiropractic care in terms of health but their behaviour can also improve. 

Children can experience many different types of health concerns such as poor sleep, slower development or other conditions which can affect their behaviour. Approximately 11% of all children become diagnosed  with ADHD from the ages of 4 to 17. Many of these children become overmedicated which can lead to concerns later in life. The goal is to have healthy children who grow up to be healthy adults later in life. This is why it is important to look at more natural ways to deal with kids behavioural issues such as Chiropractic.

What a Chiropractor does

The attention centre of the brain is commonly associated behavioural problems. Our brains have plasticity which means they are able to change and grow. The brain sends messages to the rest of the body through the spinal cord. Messages cannot be sent as clearly if there are any misalignments between the two. The Chiropractors remove these misalignments which causes the communication to return between the brain and body. This means the spine will return to proper alignment. This allows for better function of all parts of the body, especially the brain. This includes the parts of the brain that are responsible for impulses, reasoning, activity and much more. Chiropractic allows for optimal function of the brain and body which leads to proper brain development and better behaviour in a child.

Chiropractic helps with more than behavioural issues. It helps kids who experience learning difficulties, nervousness, issues with their coordination, dyslexia and many more. Chiropractic allows kids the opportunity to thrive through an optimally working brain and nervous system. Without this they cannot achieve to the best of their ability.