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SQUAT MOBILITY: Glute lacrosse ball (7/7)

In the final day of our squat series, we will pull out the lacrosse ball to work on freeing up the muscle and myofascial around the back of the hip (glute muscles). As with yesterday, this will be a painful experience but make it a regular part of your recovery and mobility to get results and reduce pain.

This can be done sitting on a bench or chair (as in the video) or done sitting on the floor. Move your bodyweight around to find the tight spots and stay there for 30 seconds or so until the muscles relax. Work the glute (behind the hip bone) and at the insertion of the hamstring which is a little lower the “sitting bone” (the bit that digs into your thigh when your bony mate decides to sit on your lap).

Glute trigger points:

As with working the TFL you DON”T need to put all your weight into it, you don’t need to cause excruciating pain to get results! Stay within a tolerable pain range but don’t get soft and give up because it hurts!

Make sure to go and look through the earlier videos in this squat series and combine these movements to improve hip, knee and ankle strength and mobility!