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What is the real cause of muscle pain? Part 1

We have a lot of people coming in for a certain issue and then mentioning they have another problem but it’s ‘muscular’. They assume chiropractic doesn’t help with muscular problems.

Chiropractic is in fact one of the best methods of dealing with muscular issues, or muscle pain, and at the root cause of it! If worked on properly with enough patience, you will really get the cause of the muscular problem sorted! Now wouldn’t that be wonderful?

This is what we specialize in and focus on in our office. We normalize and balance out everything from head to toe and from the original cause.

So let’s talk about ‘muscular’ issues. What do you consider ‘muscular’??

Tight and stiff muscles? Achy muscles? These are usually the answers we get when we ask people that question.

Do you know why muscles get tight, stiff, and achy?? They don’t just do it to test your patience. They are tight for a few very good reasons. None of which will go away if you don’t treat the true cause.

Causes of muscle pain – 1) Underlying weak muscles

The muscle pain you are feeling (your symptoms) is a result of underlying weak muscles that are getting ignored and they cause the more superficial muscles to become overworked and fatigued. This leads to their tightness and stiffness.

Did you know that studies show that a specific chiropractic adjustment to the area of the weak muscles can in fact make them stronger and hold your spine and structure up properly? Just the adjustment alone makes your spine and the muscles and ligaments around it stronger. That’s amazing, right?

Wouldn’t this be helpful in the prevention of tight muscles? This would be getting to the cause of the tight muscles and not just the symptoms. You would be correcting the underlying problem, additionally, your posture would also improve.

So why don’t you do yourself a favor and pay attention to what’s truly going on underneath those poor old tight and fatigued muscles?

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