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Learning From Longevity Cultures: Part 3

Part III

In our final part of a 3 part series adapted from a TED talk on longevity cultures, we cover off the final 3 points.


Spending time in nature also appears to be a commonality when these people groups connect with family and friends. If you live in a city this can be hard to do but take time in the weekend to get out into the bush or the beach. The fresh, unpolluted air is great for your lungs and the slower pace of nature can help de-stress your body.

They belong to a faith-based community:

This factor may be a combination of many things, a sense of purpose (point 2), relaxation (point 3) and a sense of belonging and community (point 6). Spirituality is an important and fascinating aspect of what makes us human, it gives billions of humans around the globe their sense of purpose. The Seventh-Day Adventists, in similar fashion to the Jewish culture, celebrate, relax and spend family time for a 24-hour period on the Sabbath from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday. They call it a sanctuary in time where absolutely no work is to be done. One intentional day of holiday each week.

They drink a little each day:

I found this one somewhat surprising, as the consensus on alcohol is conflicting. Some studies say that no amount of alcohol is good for you where others say that red wine has the healthful benefit of antioxidants and beer has many minerals. I present this point with some caution as some readers (not you of course) might take this and think a bottle of wine each night is healthy. Drinking excessively is certainly not healthy, but a standard drink or less a few nights a week shared with friends and family may be beneficial according to this study. If alcohol doesn’t agree with you then I don’t imagine you are missing out on too much by skipping out on this point.

If living a longer, healthier life is important to you then make a point of trying to shift your habits. The combination of all 9 points is probably the most beneficial but starting with the ones you can easily do will get your journey to health started.

As mentioned in part one, this three-part series has been adapted from a TEDx talk by Dan Buettner, a writer for National Geographic and a longevity coach. If longevity interests you, you can find out more at

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