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Injury Prevention and Chiropractic

Injury Prevention and Chiropractic

More and more people are becoming aware of how beneficial chiropractic care is when they have sustained an injury. However, what people may not be aware of is that chiropractic care can actually help prevent injuries. Injury prevention is important for all types of people, from elite athletes to elderly people. Being injured can slow us down from living our lives to our full potential. Here are some ways that chiropractic can help prevent injuries from occurring.

By making sure your structure is strong:

Chiropractic addresses specific joints within the body, usually within the spine, and makes sure they are functioning correctly. Malfunctioning of spinal joints can affect the overall structure of the spine and place excess stress in some areas. These areas of weakness can leave you more vulnerable to an injury than you would normally be. When chiropractors find and adjust these segments of the spine, your structure becomes much more strong and stable. A stable structure ensures that there aren’t weak spots left vulnerable to injury. While chiropractors usually deal with the spine, they are also trained in checking and adjusting extremities. They make sure that the structure of these is also strong and stable in order to minimize the chance of injury.

By improving your sense of body awareness and balance:

Chiropractors aren’t only affecting the spine, but also the nervous system that runs through it. A proper function of the spine allows the nervous system that runs through it to transfer messages between the brain and the body accurately. If the transfer works at its best, it allows your brain to receive the best possible information about where your body is in space. This helps improve balance, decrease clumsiness, and improve reaction times to the environment around you. This body awareness is beneficial to all types of people of all ages. It can help young children decrease clumsiness and minimize the chance of any accidents or injuries. It also improves the balance in the elderly, because falls are a major cause of serious injury. Finally, the athletes can benefit from better perceiving where their body is. This can result in the prevention of numerous injuries that come along with all different types of sport and exercise.

By increasing healing times:

A proper-working nervous system also allows your brain to better perceive what is happening within your body. This is extremely beneficial when it comes to injury prevention. Minor injuries can often get worse and turn into more serious injuries. When your brain is able to detect these little things easier, you become much more aware of your body. Minor injuries that may have gone unnoticed previously, you may now become aware of more easily. This allows you to take the proper precautions to let this heal properly before placing more stress on the injury, and aggravating it so it becomes more serious. On top of this having a well-functioning nervous system increases healing times. This means that minor injuries will heal much faster, reducing the amount of time that your body is left susceptible to further, more serious injuries.