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How to Look After Your Child's Spine and Nervous System

The spine and nervous system are extremely important.

Child getting adjustmentThe nervous system is what controls every little thing that our body does. Every single muscle and organ system in your body is controlled by your nervous system, making it arguably the most important part of your body. In children, it is their nervous system that co-ordinates all of their growth and development, both physically and mentally, therefore it is extremely important that the nervous system is looked after, so they are able to grow and develop to their full potential. The spine is important for many reasons. One of them being that it is what protects the nervous system. Your spinal cord runs directly through the spine, while the spine acts like armour, protecting it from any possible damage. A healthy spine means a healthy nervous system, but sometimes there can be areas of the spine that stop moving correctly and cause an interference to the nervous system. This can affect the way the nervous system functions.

As the nervous system controls everything in your body, there are many ways that a nervous system not functioning at its best may show up. In babies and children, some of the ways this can show up is incoordination, more trips, falls and accidents, poor sleep, slower development, and colic. The spine is also important as it is the centre of the structure of our bodies. It is important that the spine is looked after as your child grows as the spine can have an influence on what the rest of the body is doing. Any issues with the spine can also cause issues of the arms and legs, as well as all of the muscles that are attached to the spine. It is important for all children to have a strong foundation, so that their bodies can grow and develop to be strong and healthy. This article will outline how to look after your child’s spine and nervous system, so that their little bodies can be at their best.

The number one best way to look after your child’s spine and nervous system is to take them to a chiropractor. Chiropractors don’t just help with back pain and headaches, they are there to help with overall spine and nervous system function, whether there is pain there or not. Chiropractors are able to find areas of the spine that aren’t moving properly, and that may be causing interference to the nervous system, and are then able to gently adjust them, to restore proper motion of the spine and to allow the nervous system to flow properly. Having a well functioning nervous system will help with your child’s mental and physical development, and will ensure that they are able to grow into the best version of themselves.

Chiropractic care also helps to look after their spine. Just because your child isn’t in any pain, doesn’t mean that their spine is in perfect condition. Children’s bodies are put through a lot of stress, and this can affect the health of their spine. This stress on their spine starts at birth, as no matter how they are born, a lot of force is placed on their little bodies, and this can cause misalignments in their spine. If these misalignments are left there, babies can have issues such as colic, not sleeping properly, constantly turning their head to one side, and not latching properly. The stress on their spines continues as they grow older. As they are learning to walk the will be constantly falling down. And there will always be falls and accidents as they play with friends, play sports, learn to ride a bike, and do everything else that kids do.

Getting their spines adjusted by a chiropractor will correct these misalignments, and ensures the health of all the joints of the spine, as well as all the surrounding muscles and ligaments. This will help your child’s body stay strong and healthy as they continue to grow. The best part about chiropractic is that it is safe for all ages, right from when your child is born. The forces used on babies and children are extremely gentle, and is very different to how an adult is adjusted. It is very safe and effective, and the care is always tailored to the person that the chiropractor is seeing, meaning that as your child grows, the care that they receive will change with them, so that they are always getting adjusted in a way that’s best for them.

While chiropractic is the best thing you can do for your child’s spine and nervous system, here are some other ways to look after the health of your child’s spine and nervous system:

  • When your child is a baby, ensure that when you lift them up that you are supporting the back of their head and neck. Their heads are heavy, and the muscles and joints in their neck aren’t yet strong enough to support all of that weight. 
  • Avoid using a bouncer when your child is a baby. Bouncers place a lot of excess stress on your child’s spine, which may cause misalignments in their spine, or sometimes can even cause an injury. 
  • When your child is of school age, make sure they are wearing their backpack correctly. Carrying their bag on one shoulder can place uneven stress on the spine. Make sure that they are wearing both straps, and make sure their bag is no more than 15% off their body weight, as any more than this is too much force on their spines. 
  • If you let your child go on a phone or iPad, make sure they are not sitting with their head hanging forward to look at it. This places a lot of stress on the joints and muscles in their necks and upper backs. The best way for them to go on their devices is to lay on their stomachs on the floor.
  • Make sure your child doesn’t sleep on their stomach with their head turned. This puts a lot of stress on the spine, and is a hard habit to break as an adult. 
  • Make sure you child eats a healthy, balanced diet, with lots of fruit and vegetables, as this will help to ensure a healthy nervous system.