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How to Deal with Shin Splints

hin splints present as a dull ache along the inner shin. There can be some possible swelling in the area. Although it’s usually nothing to worry about, they may lead to stress fractures in the tibia if not addressed properly.

Shin splints often present when runners (especially beginners) try to run too much too quickly. Running causes a lot of repetitive impact on the body. The muscles and bones need time to sense the demand being placed on them and rebuild accordingly to better handle that load/demand. Therefore, if a runner tries to increase the volume and/or intensity of their training too quickly it can overstress those tissues.

It’s also not just found in runners. It’s common in any sports that require jumping or sharp cutting, such as basketball and tennis.

The best way to avoid shin splints altogether is to increase the intensity, frequency and duration of your training sessions GRADUALLY. However, it’s hard to quantify how to go about gradually increasing these factors as every human body is different and some are more resilient than others.

So if you do end up with shin splints you can do any or all of the following to treat it.

  • Strengthen your glutes (shown below)
  • Stretch your calves/feet (shown below)
  • Foam roll your legs (shown below)
  • Rest
  • Visit a Structural Chiropractor for individualized assessment and program

Shin splints can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months to heal. So you’ll have to be patient and be sure to stop any activities that trigger it. The faster you begin treating it, the faster it heals.

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