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How To Avoid Burnout (Stay Sane!)

You have experienced a decrease in focus, memory, and clear thoughts. This is a sign of what’s known as mental fatigue or burnout. It can be linked to many things in your life including sleep, stress, and even diet!

The biggest contributor to all this is really at the core of how society runs today with non-stop activities and connectivity. It’s hard to catch a break! And rather than just eliminate everything that you know, why not try to increase your resilience and build some coping strategies to ensure that you can get the most out of what you do.

Structural chiropractors are known for improving the function of the spinal joints and other joints in the body to help your nervous system thrive, but what good is that if your life is under an emotional thunderstorm and mental breakdown? Structural chiropractors look at the whole person and offer lifestyle advice, as well as recognize who requires further investigation by another health care provider.

Here are four burnout resiliency strategies that you can include into your life:

  1. Sleep: aim for 7-9 hours as it seems to be the optimal range for proper recovery of the brain and body. Be sure to check out our blog on how to sleep properly to support the structure of your spine.
  2. Exercise: increasing exercise has been shown to decrease the risk of depression and anxiety. It does this by getting you out of the house and releasing endorphins, which are neurotransmitters that help you feel good and confident. If you’re hesitant about doing exercise on your own – join a class!
  3. Nutrition: reducing the amount of inflammation in your diet can help your reap huge health benefits. Inflammation-inducing foods are unique for each individual and may require form trial and error, but can often be found in processed meats, juice or pop and even gluten. If you really don’t know where to start, speak to a nutritionist.
  4. Meditate: If you flick through some past blogs you’ll see that we’ve started to mention meditation as a positive health strategy quite a bit. And this is with good reason. Meditation is up and coming and many people are now experiencing the benefits of taking the time to step back and relax their mind for a bit as it can produce greater productivity and efficiency later. Even 10 minutes a day can do wonders for your health. It can be in any way you’d like; focusing on the breath, breathing techniques, a stroll outside. Find what works for you and schedule it in!


At the end of the day, the only person that can help yourself is you. And when you’re feeling foggy, unmotivated, and burnout it can be hard sometimes and it can be a downward spiral. The best way to address that is to make a decision to do something about (these strategies) and the rest will figure itself out as you start to take time and take care of yourself and your mental health. Contact one of our structural chiropractors if you have any questions.