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Digital Minimalism

The Internet has brought many benefits to my life as I’m sure it has yours, however, if you are like most of this generation you probably find yourself spending (wasting) a lot of time digitally. How often do you reflexively check your phone for a message or to see how many reactions your last post is getting?

Excessive use of digital devices can cause poor posture, which puts strain on the nervous system and can lead spinal issues. Constantly being plugged into social media, email and receiving messages can create a sense of anxiety and impact your mental wellbeing. Constantly switching tasks from productive work to social media and emails is a huge waste of efficiency in your day too.

If you want to take more control of the time you spend on the Internet and your phone then put some of these boundaries into play. Depending on your job you may have to modify these to suit you:

Do not check social media or email until noon

You may select a different time that suits your life. But putting off checking emails and messages at the start of the day can allow you to have a more productive morning. The main goal here is to get away from your phone being the first thing you look at each morning.

Do not check email, social media or messages while in bed

This one is key when it comes to improving your sleep quality. It is important  to create boundaries around not only when but where you use your digital devices, especially the bed. You want your brain to wind down ready for a restful night not to be on alert thinking about what is happening on your social media, email inbox or the world news.

Put your phone at the other end of the room, not right by your bed so you create a physical and mental boundary.

If you do keep your phone by you at night then switch it airplane mode. This will prevent an alert waking you at night with the light or sound and also helps create a mental boundary that you are done with being connected to the world for the day.

Don’t use your phone while eating

Instead of being online or checking messages take time to unplug and focus on your meal.

Make a no phone rule when you are at the dinner table so you can connect with family and friends and interact on a real social level and not social media!