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Diabetes - Intro


Food is now in abundance for many of us. We have so much food that many of the unnecessary products are becoming staples. I’m sure there is one person that you know of who replaces water with soda, fruits with sugary sweets, whole foods with processed foods, and fresh meat with processed meat. These foods will surely lead to health complications later on in life. One of them would highly likely be diabetes.

What is diabetes? Diabetes is when there is too much sugar in your blood. This can be due to two reasons; congenital and lifestyle. Type 1 diabetes is due to congenital issues. This is an autoimmune issue that occurs when your insulin-producing cells are attacked by your immune system. Insulin is an important hormone that regulates blood sugar and without it our blood sugar levels will rise. So if there is a lack of insulin to begin with, there will be nothing that keeps it under control. Type 2 is due to consuming food with too much sugar. This causes one of two problems. Firstly, it may cause the body to not produce enough insulin. This is because the demand is too high and the body cannot make enough supplies. Secondly, it can cause the insulin to become more resistant. This just means that your body isn’t able to process the sugar as well as it should. Insulin is used to the amount of sugar and is feeling lazy so it will no longer be as sensitive as it once was.

So let’s talk about some early signs and symptoms of diabetes. Some early signs of diabetes can include frequent urination, increased thirst, and an increase in appetite. However, sometimes there may be no symptoms at all! So we must constantly monitor our blood to check for sugar levels and other problems. In severe cases of diabetes, slow healing of cuts and wounds, loss of sensation, blurry vision, and patchy skin. The one that I would be careful of would be the slow healing of wounds. This is because it increases the likelihood of infection occurring.

So now we know what diabetes is, what is the reasoning behind it, and what the symptoms are, next time we’ll discuss some risk factors (hint: most likely from diet). Also, we’ll tell you some ways to prevent yourself from getting diabetes too!