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How to sit correctly and properly?

Do you know the difference between when you sit up straight and sit bent forward?

There’s one simple difference that will change the rest of your body’s posture while sitting. Easy right?

All you’ve got to do when you sit is to make sure you are sitting on your *sitting bones* (the ischial tuberosities of your ilium bones – check pictures to understand) and the rest automatically corrects itself.

Sitting on your tailbone

Believe it or not, most people do not sit on their sitting bones, instead, they sit on their tailbone. Being a Structural Chiropractor, I can tell you right now that if you sit on your tailbone and you have lower back pain, this is your number one problem so you need to stop it, and you need to stop it now!

What do you think happens when you are sitting on your tailbone? Take a look at these simple pictures that illustrate the additional forces on the spinal discs, ligaments, and muscles when you sit on your tailbone, and all you have to do to stop this is to sit properly. Not hard is it?

Now that you’ve looked at those, how do you think those bulging or herniated discs come about? No, it wasn’t just that piece of paper you picked up from the floor and your back suddenly just BLEW OUT!!! No No NO nooooo!!!

I’m willing to bet you that it was actually all the repetitive small forces going through your spinal discs and ligaments that damaged them over the course of months or years. yes yes YES!!!!

Sitting on your tailbone automatically forces your lumbar (lower) spine to pop backward. The lower back is designed to have an INWARDS curve!!! That is how it’s designed to handle loads and here you are sitting with your lower back popping back out and going about your day with an achy lower back, never thinking twice about it until it starts to get stingy and sharp and the pain going down your legs and then you experience numbness and tingling in one or both legs.

What to do?

Just sit on your sitting bones and at the same time fix all the structural issues that your spine now has due to your negligence (not purposeful) by visiting a STRUCTURAL chiropractor. Now that you know you can do something about it or just wait for more deterioration and damage if that’s how you like to roll. Personally, I want my structure and nervous system to be functioning top notch. That’s how I live. That’s how I have lots of energy, good sleep, good attitude, positivity, I embrace life fully and I know that my nervous system function has everything to do with it.

This is why I never stop care when someone’s symptoms improve. That is beside the point. If you want your symptoms gone, take a panadol. Why pay a physiotherapist, a chiropractor, or anyone else if all you want is symptom relief? Just take a pill and all your worries will be gone.

On the other hand, if you want proper spinal function, nervous system function, brain function, body function, and everything else that makes you who you are and make you feel good and give you excellent structure that’s indestructible then visit us. The consultation is complimentary. I give you 30 minutes of undivided attention if not more to tell you how you can go from POOR function and miserable to AMAZING function and limitless health.

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