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Consistency Is Key - Movement

Perhaps you have been to a Chiropractor before for one or two visits but you didn’t really feel like it did anything.

And you are probably right.

The thing is, Chiropractic isn’t exactly supposed to “do anything” in one or two visits.

I can hear you thinking “but I thought chiropractors fix people…”

Think of it this way, what do you do when you go to the gym or exercise? You move your body, sometimes in strange ways. And what does that movement do? It stimulates the muscle to strengthen and build endurance.

But you don’t get much change from one or two sessions. Or even from one or two weeks or months. Building strength takes a consistent and calculated approach.

Unlike pain medication and other pharmaceutical drugs, the goal of the work we do as chiropractors is not to take away your pain. The goal is to find the areas of your spine that aren’t moving optimally (called a subluxation) and then to help those areas move better with adjustments, which will in turn strengthen your weaknesses and reduce the spasms. This equilibrium will keep your body maintained well and healthy and without wear and tear.

In reality the only thing powerful enough to heal you is the remarkable power built into your body. Healing takes time, which is an important point that can be hard to deal with when you are recovering from an injury or a health problem, especially a chronic one.

Our focus is to correct structural shifts in your spine by improving movement quality

(adjusting subluxations) so that your body can regain it’s strength and become more resilient. This is why we design care plans that span a few months to allow deeper change to movement and strength to occur because unfortunately there are no shortcuts!