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Benefits of Structural Chiropractic Adjustment

Benefits of Structural Chiropractic adjustments:

1. Proprioceptive retraining allows for improved function and strength.
The brain records these proprioceptive signals from the joints motion. Especially for chronic conditions, the brain is in need of retraining regarding the motion of that joint.

Adjustments take a joint through its full range of motion. This new input is then stored and replayed in the brain, similar to muscle retraining that physical therapists will do, or physical training of athletes, when the body has done the motion enough times it remembers it. This retraining provides a functional correction.

2. Adjustments provide improved nutrient supply.
The cartilage and other structures inside of a joint have no blood supply. These structures get their nutrients through motion. The blood supply goes to the outside of the joint and nutrients move into the synovial fluid of the joint. Joint motion moves this fluid around thus providing fresh nutrients to all parts of the joint, as well as removing waste.

If a joint becomes locked down by muscle spasm, scar tissue, a cast, or any other means, for a prolonged period of time the joint begins to feel stiff. You know the feeling of needing to stretch after sitting in the car for a long time.Specific structural chiropractic adjustments induces full range of motion and synovial fluid movement.

3. Adjustments can reduce pressure on the nerves.
Your nervous system is the control centre of your body, and it is not without weaknesses. Nerves and nerve bundles are soft tissue. They don’t function well under physical pressure. In fact it has been shown that inflammation, a bulging disc, or fragment floating around can interfere with proper nerve conduction.

The stuck joint as discussed previously can also physically be stuck pressing on a nerve, or could be causing inflammation that is pressing on the nerve, or could just be moving in a way that rubs the nerve. In any case. The adjustment can cause a relief of this pressure. Through movement of the joint to the correct position, or motion.

There are so many benefits for your brain and body when you get adjusted so here’s a quick summary of some of them:

  • Your brain/nervous system can better connect to your body.
  • Your joints will move more optimally which will in turn use the intrinsic muscles around those joints and improve blood flow to the area.
  • After adjustments, there is immediate activation and strengthening of the intrinsic stabilizing muscles. (it’s like a workout for them)
  • After an adjustment, the signals from these muscles to your brain get stronger, and therefore your brain will control them and the rest of your muscles better.
  • Your ligaments will regain their strength again.
  • Your discs and joints will not be under so much pressure because your structure is where it’s supposed to be with the appropriate muscles and ligaments supporting it and the nerves working strong.
  • The discs and joints will heal as they are not constantly getting abnormal/excessive pressure through them. (yes everything can heal if given appropriate blood flow, nutrients, nerve function, and support).