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Benefits of Dark Chocolate


Who’s a big chocolate fan?? I know I am. And when I mean chocolate, I mean dark chocolate. Like at least 40% Cacao. Anything underneath that isn’t really classified as proper chocolate to me. Those usually contain a high amount of sugar and dairy and don’t really have the full health benefit that Cacao does. So today, let’s dive into the 4 benefits of consuming chocolate.

Benefits of eating chocolate

  • Cocao is super nutritious. Just as perspective 100 grams of dark chocolate contains 11grams of fiber. Fiber is essential for your digestive system. Allowing stools to pass through with ease. It also covers many other daily nutrients as well and a good portion of recommended daily intake such as 67% of iron, 58% of magnesium, 89% of copper, and a lot of other stuff. But please don’t eat 100g of dark chocolate as they are also very calorie-dense.
  • Cacao has the ability to improve blood flow. Inside our arteries, there is a lining called the endothelium. The function of the endothelium is to act as a filter and regulate blood flow by relaxing the arteries. This process is done by producing Nitric Oxide. Research has shown that cacao stimulates the production of nitric oxide in the arteries thus allowing a better flow of blood in the arteries.
  • Cacao can lower LDL while raising HDL. In a study, cocoa powder showed that it can reduce oxidated LDL. LDL itself is bad because it can clog the artery making it harder for blood to pass through. Oxidated LDL is even worse as once it reacts with oxygen it is capable of damaging surrounding tissue like arteries in your heart. HDL is the good cholesterol and helps maintain the levels of LDL. So eating dark chocolate in moderate amounts is good for heart health.
  • Finally, consuming moderate amounts of chocolate can improve brain function. This is because chocolate can improve blood flow. This includes blood flow into the brain. Thus the brain will get more nutrients and oxygen, allowing it to grow and function at its best. A study also showed that it can significantly improve cognitive function and verbal fluency, especially in the older population. This is due to the fact that cacao has a stimulant similar to coffee, resulting in short term improvement in brain function.


Chocolate is a super delicious and affordable treat. A couple of benefits are nutritional values, improve blood flow, cholesterol maintenance, and improvement in brain function. It’s a lovely treat for your body but remember to have it in moderation. Too much chocolate will result in diabetes and other health issues due to too much sugar consumption.

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