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Bedtime Stretches Part 7: Knees to chest

BEDTIME STRETCHES: Knees to chest(7/7)

What better way to finish a week of bedtime stretches than with a stretch that requires you to be laying down in bed (knees to chest).

This one is simple and will stretch your lower back to prepare you for sleep.

This stretch is good for more than low-back muscle release. As a range of motion exercise, in other words, a movement that increases your joint flexibility, the knees-to-chest stretch may help reduce stiffness associated with spinal arthritis and/or spinal stenosis.

Steps for knees to chest:

  1. Lying on your back in bed simply pull both knees toward your chest with your hands either on top of your knees or in behind them.
  2. Hold this stretch for 30-60 seconds.
  3. Now let your legs down from your chest, lie flat on your back with your arms by each side and take 10 slow and controlled breaths to really calm your body and prepare for sleep.