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Bedtime Stretches Part 4: Adductors

BEDTIME STRETCHES: Hip flexor and adductors (4/7)

This movement combines squat mobility with hamstring and adductors stretch making it a very efficient drill to throw into your warm-up.

STEPS for adductors stretch:

  1. Stand side on to the bed and place your knee on the bed, with the other leg straight and supporting your body.
  2. Stand tall and gently push your hips forward to stretch the front of the hip of the leg that’s on the bed.
  3. Now bend forward and reach toward the leg on the floor to stretch the inner thigh (adductors).

As with the first 2 days BREATHE OUT as you change position. As you hold the stretch you BREATHE IN. Then BREATHE OUT again as you revert to the original position.
Hold a stretch in each position 10 times and do the other side.