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Bedtime Stretches Part 1: Hip and hamstring

BEDTIME STRETCHES: Hip and hamstring (1/7)

Combining stretching with gentle breathing before bed is a great way to calm your nervous system to prepare for sleep and work on mobility at the same time. Killing two birds with one stone is always good in a busy schedule. Speaking of killing two birds the first stretch of the week does just that, stretching the hamstring and the front of the hip.

Place one foot on the bed as if you are going to step up onto the bed, the other foot behind with toes pointing forward.

  1. Lean into the hip to stretch the front of the hip as you slowly EXHALE.
  2. Hold the stretch as you slowing INHALE.
  3. As you EXHALE again straighten the knee of the top leg and lean into a hamstring stretch.
  4. Hold the stretch as you slowly INHALE.
  5. As you EXHALE return to the hip flexor stretch (step one).

To put it simply as you BREATHE OUT you will change position. As you hold the stretch you BREATHE IN.

Don’t over complicate it, basically, we are combining controlled breathing and controlled stretching to calm your system before sleep.