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Avoid Neck Pain While Carrying Your Bag

It’s very easy to choose fashion over function without even thinking about it. You’ve got to feel good about what you’re wearing and that often means going for the fancy purse or handbag over the practical option. However, this comes with its consequences since the weight offset can lead to shoulder, headaches, neck and/or lower pain and dysfunction.

While carrying a heavy enough bag on one side, your natural gait (walking pattern) can change since your center of gravity will shift to one side. This leads to muscle imbalances and certain muscles working harder than others, which then leads to the dysfunction and discomfort.

The following are 5 tips you can use to reduce the negative effects of carrying a bag on one shoulder.

  1. Only carry what you need
    -Lowering the weight that you carry can significantly reduce the stress and strain on your body. The amount of unused contents in our bags can be surprising sometimes. Plan ahead and know what you need on which days to make sure you’re only carrying what you need. Your body will thank you
  2. Switch sides
    -This one can be difficult due to your body getting used to carrying your bag a certain way and favouring one side. However, it’s worth getting into a habit of switching shoulders to help with your body’s muscle imbalances and asymmetries.
  3. Choose bags with dynamic/alternative strap options.
    -Certain bags have handles that you can hold in your hand or longer straps that you can wear across your body. This can help bring some variety to the way you carry your bag and the cross strap options can help better distribute the weight across your body.
  1. Consider switching to a backpack
    -Luckily, there are many stylish backpack options nowadays that you can choose from. Two strap bags are much better for weight distribution and symmetry. Get out there and see what you can find!
  2. Opt for smaller bags
    -Bigger is not better in this case. When you have a bigger bag, you’re more likely to put more stuff in there.

Using these strategies can help you make your fashion functional. Feel free to consult with us about bag options or any pinch points you feel while carrying your bag around.